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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sensible Solutions In Quick fat burning tips

Slimming down doesn't have to cost a dime ' you don't have to pop pills, pound raw eggs, or buy expensive fat burning products and powders to see results.
There should not be any (or many) foods that we avoid completely 100% of the time
When you hear expressions like "negative calorie foods", examine such claims with a hefty amount of skepticism.

There is a 60 day satisfaction guarantee with this product.
The lack of complete nutrients leads to electrolyte imbalances that may result in irregular heartbeats, fatigue, confusion, and nausea
On the other hand, if you sit down, have a glass of water, relaaaax, and then ask yourself, "what do I want to eat.
When it feel stress, it doesn't distinguish between a real danger or one you have invented in your head
Most people when they start a fat burning weight loss regime tend to concentrate on a goal weight
Both VO2 max (maximum aerobic capacity) and training status are  significantt predictors of fat oxidation.

The meal planning ideas in Powell's book include lots of fresh, natural, minimally-processed foods
It all boils down to one thing, and that is to burn fat and reduce weight.
Avoiding fats completley is tough to do, and some fats are needed in order to keep a healthy balance
In addition, it does not hurt to exercise your problem spots as part of your whole body exercise routine
However, now that I am exercising regularly I am more energetic than ever
And write it down in a journal; I love seeing that I'm getting stronger and faster.
This conversion make the human brain to stop sending hunger signals hence you do not feel hungry and eats less, hence you get less weight.

The FDA website issues warnings about certain health products in the market.
This ensures that your body doesn't adapt to your workout routine and it also ensures that your muscles will develop proportionately so that you look "shapely" rather than "bulky.
Can we equip ourselves with 24 hours workouts to lose belly fat a day
Speaking generally, standard weight training and bodybuilding is not the best way to burn fat - especially not for a novice.

Discipline is necessary in order to obtain the body figure that we always wanted
The success of diet patches, depending on which product you use and the ingredients in it
The Jillian Weekly Program allows users to have complete access to a weight loss plan over the Internet
Excess fat in ones body signify its vitality reserve.

However, this does not mean that you should drastically reduce your caloric intake or you might lose some lean muscles.

Monday, February 11, 2013

How Can Green Coffee Bean Extract Help You Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals?

Many people will make resolutions to lose weight in 2013. In fact, weight loss is the number one new year's resolution pretty much every year. As the gyms get crowded and people start working towards their goals, it's important to remember that there are supplements out there that can help a person achieve his or her goal of losing weight even faster than by diet and exercise alone.

One of the newer supplements available that has been growing in popularity is Green Coffee Bean Extract. What is Green Coffee Bean Extract, or GCBE for short? Well, green coffee beans aren't some kind of exotic, super expensive bean. In fact, green coffee beans are simply normal coffee beans that have yet to be roasted. Most people think of coffee beans as being dark brown, but they are actually green when they are growing.

Why not just drink coffee? Well, the roasting process actually destroys the primary ingredient in GCBE that makes it a powerful weight loss supplement. Green coffee beans contain an ingredient known as chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid has been shown to speed up weight loss in multiple studies and the results are impressive. This ingredient has been proven to inhibit the release of glucose in the body (helping control blood sugar) and it also increases the metabolic process in the liver... meaning that it makes the liver burn more fat than it does without the supplement.

GCBE is a natural supplement, meaning that it doesn't have a laundry list of harsh chemical ingredients. In addition, it doesn't have as much caffeine as one may think, either. While a normal cup of coffee has in excess of 100mg of caffeine, one dose of Green Coffee Bean Extract only has an average of around 20mg of caffeine per serving, making it a viable option for people who generally try to avoid stimulants when dieting. In fact, the side effects are very minimal, most people experienced no side effects and the few that did reported side effects due to the small amounts of caffeine present in the supplement.

This is a natural supplement that can help almost anyone lose weight. The side effects are minimal and are far outweighed by the benefits. If a person is looking to lose weight, it could be the jump start that he or she needs to finally succeed at keeping that New Year's resolution. Whether a person has a couple of pounds to lose or a lot of weight to lose, GCBE can help a person meet that goal.

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Yoga for Belly Fat

There is widespread belief that an hour of physical yoga is enough cardiovascular activity to fulfill the average person's daily fitness needs. The truth is that many schools of yoga burn calories at a low rate and are therefore not the ideal form of exercise to target fat burn. Of course, it is also true that certain forms of yoga are considered more active and do burn calories while tightening and toning the body.
Different styles and yoga instructors vary in the physical challenge they present. A person weighing 150 pounds doing an hour of Hatha yoga burns 180 calories, for example, while an hour of Ashtanga yoga burns 350 calories. Asthanga yoga is considered one of the most physically difficult schools of yoga, but even this form is outpaced by a slow run. In an hour, a runner going at a slow 12-minute-mile pace can still burn upwards of 500 calories.
So why practice yoga for belly fat?
It is true that yoga may burn fewer calories than running, but the overall health benefits like increased flexibility, improved focus, stronger bodies and relatively low risk of injury have a lot to say in favor of practicing yoga instead of or to complement other forms of fitness activities. However, because it may not burn calories at an intense pace like running or elliptical training can, yogis who would like to use yoga to burn belly fat must practice a targeted, intentional sequence of poses.
Four Tips for Practicing Yoga to Burn Belly Fat
1. Keep it moving! Choose a series that is designed to flow easily from pose to pose. Hold each pose for a minute or two and move quickly into the next pose. The fast flowing sequence should simultaneously tax your strength and elevate your heart rate, increasing the rate of calorie burn.
2. Target your practice! Make sure to use or design a sequence that strengthens your core muscles. Chair pose, plank pose, sun salutations and forward, side and back bends all target your abs, back and sides.
3. Finish and repeat! Do the pose sequence several times in order to get the maximum benefit from your practice; make sure your focus on the second and third repetitions is on correct posture since technique often begins to lag as your muscles fatigue.
4. Go long! Ideally, it takes 40 to 60 minutes of moderate exercise for your body to start burning through its fat reserves. So don't settle for a quick 30 minute session; you need to stay active for most of an hour in order to get the best fat-burning results.
© Copyright 2012 - Aura Wellness Center - Publications Division
Faye Martins, is a Yoga teacher and a graduate of the Yoga teacher training program at: Aura Wellness Center in, Attleboro, MA. To receive Free Yoga videos, Podcasts, e-Books, reports, and articles about Yoga, please visit:

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fat Burning Secrets - What You Need to Know to Burn Fat

Certainly, you want to know what you have to do to get rid of all that unwanted fat fast and for good. An important part of losing weight is the effort and patience you put into it because you can't expect to lose weight overnight. With the help of these fat burning secrets, you will be able to find out what you need to know to burn fat and keep it off permanently.

The first secret to burning fat is to include cardio exercises to your daily routine that you enjoy doing. Exercising only gets difficult when you aren't having fun with what you do which is why good thing you have a lot of choices from jogging, cycling, cardio machines, and other things. Even playing a sport like tennis, badminton, or others will be great for helping you burn fat. Pick something fun and if you want even get an exercise buddy to make this as easy as possible for you.

Another fat burning secret is to avoid diets as these are too drastic for your body. It is important to reduce the amount of calories you consume but this doesn't mean you should stop eating completely. You get your energy from the food you eat so eating right with consuming healthy foods is important. This way you will lose weight slowly but surely and be able to keep it that way.

Secret number three is stop drinking liquids such as juice, soda, and other drinks high in sugar. These are all high in calories as well and will add on to your weight which you are trying to avoid. Sticking to plain water is good for you and a good way to detoxify your system in the process. To make this process easy for you, switch to diet drinks first before eliminating it from your diet completely.

Last secret to burning fat is to build your fat into muscle which you can do once you have lost some weight through your cardio exercises. How to accomplish this is with strength training that will help you tone your body because the more muscle you have, the more calories your body will burn on its own.

Now that you know all the fat burning secrets, you shouldn't have any problems getting rid of that weight. You may think of it as a difficult task, but once you get started you will get addicted to keeping your weight off and staying healthy.

To get detailed information on burning fat, visit Fat Burning Secrets. Here you will discover all that you need to know to lose weight permanently.
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Quick Fat Burning Tips and Tricks

Don't take any liquid calories even after workout

Stay away from taking soda, juices and sport drinks. You should not take liquid sugar when you are in a fat loss program. Again, reduce the rate at which you take alcohol mainly if you do include mixtures to your drinks, it worsens the situation the more. An ordinary jack and coke contain over 200 calories; booze has 100 calories while its other mixture has 100 calories. This is one of the quick fat burning tips and tricks.

Avoid the intake of fast foods
Another quick fat burning tip is not the time to take meals at fast food joints. Choosing to take what you believe is fit isn't even a good option once the food is coming from a fast food joint. Just know that fast food joints are just there to make profit. In there quest to make gains they serve inexpensive, fast and simple to cook foods, the value of their ingredients are made to be poor, mainly lacking adequate proteins. Though, you might have seen or read that it's still possible to select healthy food at your fast food spot, but I tell you that it is politically correct. As long as it's fast food, then it is an inadequate food.

Stepping into a burger spot and taking a chicken breast on top of a white bread bun together with some old lettuce and half green or half pink tomato are hardly considered to be a healthy consumption. The politically incorrect fact here is this - it does take a lot of time and effort to consume adequately. What you need now is to plan, shop and cook healthy foods by yourself. You also need to invest time to clean, slice and prepare your meals. This is the fact. Take this from me, it's going to taste more than fast food and eating fit foods is going to make you become more watchful. Consuming fast foods is going to leave you awful and can cause you to take an afternoon doze right there in your office with your desk as a support. Take one step to enhance your diet per day throughout your life.

Take a lot of vegetable and fruits
Assuming you take just 2 servings daily, increase it to 4 serving daily before the finish of the week. If you notice you are looking good by taking 5 servings daily try to increase it. Let's say on the 2nd or 3rd week try to make it 10 portions daily. Go for vegetables and fruits rich in fiber, make it organic. Also an efficient and quick fat burning tips.

Consume 1 ounce of almonds or walnuts daily, let's say 0.5 ounce in the morning and the next one during the afternoon.

Majority of nuts are heated in oils, meaning they are trans fat. I recommend you cling to dry roasted nuts or take them raw. Never border, it won't cause you to gain fat, rather it will make you satisfied and burn fat.

Don't skip any of your workouts, be consistent with it.
See that those workouts you do are both effective and efficient. It isn't a priority to workout in the morning, either prior to taking your breakfast or after it, or at night prior to taking your dinner or after it, just make it consistent. But I will tell you that the best time to train is in the morning when you've waked up from sleep without taking breakfast.

Finally, after you have finished your lunch and/ dinner, take a stroll around; this will be able to manage your cholesterol and triglycerides better.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots is an Online Diet Program which you can follow to Lose 9lbs Every 11 Days cycle if you follow their fast fat burning technique. I highly recommend you to try it out if you are serious of wanting to lose fat the easy and most efficient way.

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fat Burning Diet Plan: Helping You to Achieve Your Weight Loss Target


In order to achieve your weight loss target, you require a plan that you can easily follow through.

Besides a suitable physical activity program, diet absolutely plays a similarly important role. A fat burning diet plan will certainly assist in accelerating your weight loss plan.

Plainly, fat burning is not something that can easily take place over night. Most of the time, individuals resort to fat burning pills to reduce weight quicker, or in even more severe circumstances, to surgical treatment. These methods, nevertheless, poses a certain extent of health hazard.
Contrarily, routine physical exercise and a tested fat burning diet plan, together with your intention and determination, are the most important elements of an effective weight loss plan.

Unhealthy Eating Contributes to Excessive Weight
Eating is one significant issue relates to weight loss. The food that we take consists of calories that the body utilizes to create the energy it requires to operate. More food eaten indicates that more calories are fed to the body. Those calories will either be utilized via physical tasks, or saved as fat in the body.

Health and fitness specialists advise not just counting calories of food intake, but also consuming foods that aid in enhancing the rate of metabolism. A diet plan to burn fat not only helps in reducing weight, but also keeps you at the top of your health.

It is not complicated to begin a diet plan like this. Including delicious low-fat recipes or incorporating green tossed salad in your everyday dinner menu makes an excellent beginning. You ought to also increase your water consumption, and incorporate fruits, whole grains, lean meat, and low-fat yogurt in your diet.

The Need for Regular Workout
Healthy and balanced diet and routine activity can easily accelerate your body's rate of metabolism. Metabolic process is the capability of the body to burn fat. In addition, activity helps to tone up the muscle tissues, and ultimately result in quicker fat burning. It is also one way to keep the calories from being saved as fat in the body.

The Right Mindset Is the Key
Of course, there will certainly be some who are not able to keep their motivation for long, and choose to give up before getting the fruits of their effort. Unless you have a strong drive, your fat burning diet plan might at some point become a failure.

No plan is without an obstacle, yet it is your desire and resolution to to continue that shall present to you the positive outcomes that you have constantly wished for. It will certainly help a ton if you could team up a weight loss partner, or participate in a group with the same objective in mind.

Is Fat Burning Diet Difficult to Implement?
A fat burning dish is not complicated to prepare at all, and it does not need to be boring and tasteless. If you are searching for easy-to-prepare and yet scrumptious fat loss dinner recipes, you can check out fat loss recipe books available in the bookstores. If you could follow the recipes created by the fitness professionals, you will be on your journey to reaching your weight loss goal!

A fat burning diet consists of foods that increase metabolism to burn fat faster. More resources and information can be found at the Diet For Fat Burning website.
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The Most Effective Fat Burning Exercise


What are the essentials of using exercise as a tool to influence maximum fat burning? I will show you an approach to exercise that targets your own individual body type. This is designed to be the most effective fat burning exercise for you.

There are two basic types of exercise: aerobic, and anaerobic:

Aerobic exercise is essentially a low-intensity, endurance type of exercise. The aerobic system runs at a slow to moderate pace. The heart rate is usually between 127 and 130 beats per minute (bpm). Examples of aerobic exercises include walking, mild treadmill, biking, light jogging, light swimming and similar activities which maintain the required heart rate.

Anaerobic is a higher-intensity, higher pulse rate resistance type of exercise. The anaerobic energy system gets activated at a much higher pulse rate, around 145 beats per minute or more. Even a slow pulse rate can activate anaerobic if the intensity is high enough. Some anaerobic examples of intense exercise include running, jogging, fast treadmill, soccer, hockey, basketball, wrestling and weight training. It also includes activities such as bike riding and swimming, if the activity is intense enough to reach the point where the necessary higher heart rate is achieved.

Whether you use aerobic and/or anaerobic, and to what extent, depends on which of the four basic body types you fall into. The four types are: The Adrenal, The Thyroid, The Liver, and The Ovary.
If you are an Adrenal body type, the most effective fat burning exercises are aerobic exercises, because the adrenals will have been overworked already. Putting them into too much stress would make things worse. An over stimulation of the adrenals glands can trigger the stress hormone cortisol, and cortisol will make you fat. For the Adrenal body types, intense exercise will block the rejuvenation and repair of the body. In some cases, the person will even gain weight with exercise.
The Ovary types have lower-body cellulite fat, which needs a combination of both aerobic endurance exercise and anaerobic resistance exercise. Anaerobic exercises are the most effective fat burning exercises for both the Liver types and Thyroid types. In the case of athletes and many young people with a high metabolism, weight loss can occur using both aerobic and anaerobic despite their specific body types and either type is an effective fat burning exercise.

When you start to plan a weight loss program, it is very important you understand the different types of exercise so you can choose the best ones for yourself. You'll then be able to find the most effective fat burning exercises for your particular body type. All too many of us approach their weight loss program all wrong and have difficulty understanding why they are not seeing significant results after weeks of hard work.

In summary, for adrenal types the most effective fat burning exercises are aerobic exercises, for the liver and thyroid types the most effective fat burning exercises are anaerobic exercises, while the ovary types will have success with both aerobic and anaerobic exercises.

To find the most effective fat burning exercise for your body type you should learn about the 7 principles of fat burning. Find out what body type you are at:
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Weight Loss Tips and Advice - How to Accelerate Fat Loss


Know about the hottest and trendy technique in accelerating the weight loss.

At some or the other point of life, every body has tried diets. Some of them work absolutely, and others have no effect. Usually, in the process weight loss, we wish to find the immediate result. But if you spend on books with multiple pages, it will take ages to complete reading it.

When you are finished with, probably you would have forgotten the tips given in the initial section of the big book. Again, re-reading will cost your time and not a bit of weight reduce would happen with such large books on reducing weight. Hence, you need to get into the practical way to accelerate weight loss.

Low carb
If you have tried on multiple diets to accelerate weight loss, this article is for you. The latest popular and adorned diet is the low/no-carb diet. Definitely you too would have tried cutting the carbs completely out of your diet and certainly you would have felt the drastic reduction in your diet. Later, even when you slowly increase your carb diet, your weight will increase immensely.

Calorie shifting
The hottest trend in accelerating the weight loss is calorie shifting. Surprisingly, it gives amazing result in losing weight. When you adapt to this method, you need not shift in your weight. You can get down and be there permanently.

The basic principle of calorie shifting is you will burn the calories you intake. For example, if you intake 1000 calories, you can burn only 1000 calories per day. But if you consume more, say 2,500 calories, you can only burn that much of calories. So if you shift your calories to the ideal method of dieting, you can immediately reduce your weight.

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Rapid Weight Loss Diet Program


When selecting which diet is right for you, it's important to look at the big picture. As the percentage of Americans that are overweight seems to rise on an annual basis, the amount of supposed experts that think they can combat this problem rises with their own diet program continue to come out of the woodwork. Their claim is that their quick weight loss diets will help you shed those extra pounds almost effortlessly. However, these rapid weight loss diets are rarely what their founders make them out to be.

For starters, while these methods can help you shed pounds quickly, they rarely have the long-term effects that you would like. More often than not, while you will find that they shed pounds rapidly when you're on the diet, those same pounds can come back with a vengeance once you're off of it. This happens for two primary reasons.

When you try a rapid weight loss diet, many of the pounds that you're losing are water weight. The goal is to get the body to metabolize and burn body fat, though. Most studies suggest that people on rapid weight loss diets tend to lose between two and three pounds of water weight per pound of fat that they lose. Once you're off of that diet, the water weight can come back very quickly.

Secondly, the human body has a way of adjusting its metabolism to battle a drop off in caloric intake. By using a rapid weight loss diet, you're drastically reducing your caloric intake immediately. Once the metabolism has dropped significantly enough, the body will make sure that it doesn't burn off calories as quickly to maintain its weight. At that point, no matter how hard a you try, you're unlikely to continue losing weight because of the reduced metabolism. This is another reason people on rapid weight loss diets tend to lose weight quickly when they first start the program, but gain it (and often more) back weeks later.

While gaining the weight back after a rapid weight loss diet is half the battle, though, the content of the weight that they're losing is equally important. Without proper exercise to go along with the diet, you will soon find out that a significant portion of the weight you're losing is not fat, but muscle.

Even in extreme cases, quick weight loss diets will help you shed four to five pounds of fat per week. If you're losing twenty pounds, though, while a considerable amount of that is water weight, you're also losing weight in other areas where you don't want to lose it. Most rapid weight loss diets focus more on cutting into your calorie intake right away than anything else, which means you're not the only one starving... your muscles are, too.

If the potential to gain the weight back and the loss of muscle tone isn't enough to lead to other safer options than a rapid weight loss diet, the potential to develop health concerns should be. The most common medical side effect of a rapid weight loss diet is the likelihood that you will develop gall stones. When you're losing so much weight in such a short period of time, the contractions of the gall bladder tend to shift, meaning that many of the methods used in rapid weight loss diets, such as going longer periods without eating, can have a negative effect.

Another problem that rapid weight loss diets can lead to is loose skin. This is, of course, an obvious side effect. The skin is fully developed around the muscles and the fat that you've stored over time, but it can hang when you've suddenly lost a significant amount of weight in a short period of time.
Finally, rapid weight loss diets can even lead to eating disorders. By suggesting you occasionally starve yourself or limit yourself to certain food groups, these quick weight loss diets often begin with a short term use of anorexia. However, quick weight loss diets can also tend to push towards bulimia, often giving you urges to binge and purge.

While rapid weight loss diets certainly tend to serve immediate needs, they're definitely not a long-term solution if you're looking to shed a lot of weight in the long run. Simply put, quick weight loss diets usually just lead to bigger problems down the road.

Brian Jenkins is a freelance weight loss writer and expert in the pros and cons of a rapid weight loss diet, particularly as compared to comprehensive and healthier regimens.
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15 Fat Burning Foods - Eating Your Way To Natural Fat Loss


Quickly, can you name 15 fat burning foods in the next 30 seconds? How did you do? Well, there are a wide variety of fruits and vegetables that are hyped as foods that you can eat to help you to lose weight. They are also known as negative calorie foods and have what is known as a high 'thermogenic' value. In other words, they use more calories in the digestive process than what is actually contained within the food itself. This process speeds up your metabolism, which can lead to fat loss.

In actuality, it is not the food that burns the fat, but the nutrients in these foods that help in breaking down fatty deposits and make it easier for your body to help flush out the fat. Also, when your body is properly nourished it has a positive affect on maintaining your blood sugar level. Regulating your blood sugar level has proven to be the most effective method to maintaining the body's fat-burning capacity by eliminating the feel of hunger.

Following are 15 fat burning foods known for accelerating fat loss; they are packed with nutritional value and can assist you in achieving your weight loss goal and improve your overall health in numerous ways:

Steep in fiber and an excellent source of protein as well as iron, a single serving of beans is very filling and can satisfy your appetite for hours. The great thing is that they come in many varieties including lima beans, black beans, kidney beans, navy beans, green beans, wax beans, northern beans, and garbanzo beans. They are great for helping to keep the blood sugar level balance.

This staple has a worldwide reputation as a miracle food and comes in over 300 varieties; it contains vitamins A, C, and D. One of the most common is the American garlic; it has a white paper-like skin and a very strong flavor. Its many forms include whole peeled gloves, minced fresh cloves, dried garlic powder, garlic extract, garlic salt, and whole peeled gloves. Garlic contains the compound allicin which studies have shown can help lower cholesterol and high blood pressure; it is a natural diuretic food that aids the breakage of fat. It has been observed that allicin begins to degrade immediately after it is produced, so its medicinal effect decreases over time. Cooking degrades its even further and microwaving allicin, more likely than not, totally annihilates any health benefits.
To receive the optimal effect, crush a little raw garlic and combine with the cooked food shortly before serving. Be careful not to overdo it - too much can irritate or possibly damage the digestive tract. Keep in mind that raw, crushed garlic yields not only the most powerful flavor but, as an entry on the 15 fat burning foods list, it is an extremely effective ingredient to have as a part of your health and fitness arsenal.

This vegetable contains high levels of carotene, which is transform into Vitamin A. Carotene stimulates the metabolic rate of the body and speeds the elimination of fat deposits and waste. In addition, research has shown that this compound may be of significant benefit for maintaining blood sugar level and possesses antioxidant properties that can reduce the rate of certain types of cancer as well as cardiovascular diseases.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Known as a simple home remedy for ailments ranging from sinus headaches to a sore toe, apple cider vinegar also has the natural ability to accelerate fat loss. Made from apples, it contains malic acid, which is an essential ingredient for converting sugars and fats into an energy source that fuels the bodily functions such as walking, running, breathing, and blood flow.
Apple cider vinegar also have high levels of potassium that has an antiseptic quality , which helps to eliminate stored fats. Pectin is another ingredient contained in the fresh apples from which the vinegar is made; it is a soluble fiber that binds to cholesterol globules and pulls them out of the body. It works 24 hours a day to help your body remove unwanted fat. This also helps remove unwanted heavy metals. Less fat and cholesterol in the body reduces the risk of just about any ailment!

Like its fellow vegetable in the 15 fat burning foods category - garlic, onions have minerals and oils that will help to promote fat loss by the breakdown of fat deposits and speeding up your metabolism. They also are rich in vitamin C and chromium. Chromium is a mineral that is promoted as a weight-loss supplement due to it's supposed ability to stabilize blood sugar levels and boost the body's fat-burning metabolism.

Whether raw, steamed, fried, stewed, crushed, pureed, or reduced to a sauce, the tomatoes is one of the most frequently eaten "vegetables" in the United States. It has a high Vitamin C and Citric malic-oxalic acid content. The acid contains enzymes that will hasten the metabolic process. It also helps the kidneys to release more water, which filters out large amounts of fatty deposits. Because it is a "fatless" vegetable, many people employ tomatoes fat-loss diet for a brief period of time.

Raw celery has a high calcium content and when eaten the calcium is sent directly to work. This pure form of calcium will stimulate your endocrine system. The hormones in your body will break up the fat that is stored in the body. In addition, celery contains a high amount of iron and magnesium; these minerals are excellent for flushing out your system.

The high silicon and sulfur content in cucumbers works to stimulate the kidneys to filter out uric acid, which is a waste product formed from the metabolic breakdown of substances in food called purines. Once this uric acid is washed out, it speeds up the removal of fat, and loosens the fat from the cells.

A good vegetable source of vitamin E, and a natural treatment for rheumatism and arthritis, asparagus is also a natural diuretic that promotes the elimination of fluids in the body. This pick for 15 fat burning foods contains a chemical that accelerates metabolism by assisting in the breakdown of the oxalic acid that tends to bind fat to cells. Its affect in reducing fatty deposits into small bits makes it easier to expend them out of the body.

This is another powerful diuretic that supports the functions of the liver and kidneys. Beets wash out floating body fats; they are rich in a special iron that cleanses the corpuscles. Corpuscles are blood cells that can contain fat deposits.

Because of the cabbage ability to inhibit the transformation of sugar and other carbohydrates into fat it is of great value in the fat loss war. It contains the minerals iodine and sulfur, which cleanses the body of waste matter from the membranes of the stomach and intestines. If you have a pot belly or want to rid yourself of love handles, cabbage is a natural diuretic that will help to break up the excess fat stored in these areas.

Olive Oil
This item should be at the top of the 15 fat burning foods for everyone. Numerous studies have shown that the reasons for southern Europeans low rate of cardiovascular disease is their frequent use of olive oil as their primary source of dietary fat. By utilizing olive oil in the same way, you can reap the same health benefits. Extra-virgin olive oil (nuts, avocados, and canola oil) is made of monounsaturated fat and helps to lower the levels of the 'bad fat' ldl cholesterol and also the blood fats that are known as triglycerides.
The fats that you need to avoid, the saturated fats found mostly in animal foods and diary products, are what raise those levels. That is why it is recommended that you eat only lean meats and nonfat dairy products. The bottom line here is, olive oil, used in healthy amounts as a replacement for the "unhealthy fats," will enhance your fat loss program.

This is a food that is high in fiber and provides your body with volume; it prolongs digestion, which makes you feel full longer. Eating apples in place of junk foods, decrease the likelihood of you eating foods that are less filling and high in calories. This encourages stable blood-glucose levels. Because fat burning foods such as apples have fewer calories, they are popular in fat loss programs that involve calorie counting. The high water content of apples is another reason why apples are great for weight loss. The water within the apple is absorbed by the body and helps to keep blood-oxygenation levels high.

When this occurs, your body's metabolism is stimulated and burns glucose energy. A low blood-oxygenation level makes your body feel sluggish and the nutrients that you do eat cannot be effectively transported to the areas of the body where they are needed. So, why not add apples to your list, and the next time you feel the urge to have a snack, pick up one and start munching knowing that you are making a significant contribution to your fat loss efforts.

There is a reason why professional bodybuilders have relied on oatmeal as a staple of their breakfast; it is very high in nutrients. It is an amazing source of cholesterol fighting, fat-soluble fiber that is filling and provides a good amount of energy to propel you through any workout. Avoid instant oatmeal and choose rolled or steel cut oats instead.

Lean Turkey
This is another favorite food of bodybuilders. Many studies have proven that the proteins contained in lean turkey boost the metabolism that promotes fat loss and helps to build up the lean muscle tissue that enables you to burn even more fat. (calories.) The reason lean meats stimulate metabolism and burns calories is because it uses more energy in the digestion process that other foods.

So there you have it, 15 fat burning foods that not only promote fat loss but contains vitamin and minerals that yield many other health related benefits as well. As with any changes in diet or fitness related activities, you should always consult with your health care practitioner first!

John Landers is a writer, webmaster and world traveler who has lost over 30 pounds in the past year by successfully incorporating the strategies in this article into his fat loss and fitness program.

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